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The proliferation of fake, misleading or woefully biased news on social media (particularly Facebook) has left many people wondering which news sources they can trust. I’m here to offer a list of news outlets that work hard to check their facts and strive for objectivity.

I will grant that there is a (sometimes deserved) mistrust of mainstream news sources, and that many mainstream sources are going to be on this list. But they’re largely still producing skilled, ethical journalism that provides what readers need to know.

In addition to sharing links from these sites, please also consider subscribing to the ones you like best. That will ensure that they can continue to do the work of digging up information and informing the public.

National daily news:

The New York Times

The Washington Post

The Associated Press (or any AP stories circulated in other outlets)


The Wall Street Journal

USA Today

The Los Angeles Times

The Chicago Tribune


Al Jazeera

National Public Radio


The Guardian

Investigative reporting:


Center for Investigative Reporting


The Marshall Project

Mother Jones**

Longform weekly/monthly news sources:

The New Yorker


The Atlantic

The Economist

New York Magazine


Regional news:

Anytime an important story breaks in a particular part of the country, look to the largest local daily newspaper of record for coverage. Their reporters know the local sources and the context, both of which matter a lot in terms of getting stories right.

* Newsweek was becoming incredibly slanted a while back and I stopped reading it, but I’ve seen better reporting from it recently.

** I like Mother Jones’ regular reporting, too, but find it too slanted to include in this list. Its investigative work is also left-leaning, but too good to pass up.

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